WTF, lip service.

So I watched the finale of series 2 of Lip Service, and I’m surprised that it wasn’t just 45 minutes of people taking turns hitting Tess with two-by-fours. Seriously, someone explain to me the Sam/Lexy thing, because I don’t get it and I’m feeling really bitter about the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “WTF, lip service.

  1. here’s what i think…The general misconception about the good guy and the bad guy is assuming that the bad guy is interesting because he/she is bad, and that the good guy is boring because he/she is safe. The truth is totally different!!!
    People want challenge, and they are more than willing to cross boundaries, but to cross boundaries you need to have them in the first place. Good or bad has nothing to do with being likable or not, but a situation of forbidenness is necessary to trigger attraction in a woman.
    So, now that it is clarified: “No you don’t have to behave like a Byronic hero to get a woman!”, you can be the sweetest person on earth, the most amazing one, but you also need to emphasize a forbidden side of the relationship. It doesn’t have to be cheating, it doesn’t have to a crime, or anything negative, but a barrier has to exist to eventually be destroyed. That’s what most people fail at understanding.
    The excitement of having been THE ONE to have destroyed a barrier is a necessary condition of the challenge, now that barrier can be of many types: emotional, social, moral…

    As much as this is a purely subjective truth, it is anyway true for 90% of people. Why do people go for married people? Friends of an incompatible sexual orientation? Much younger or much older people? People who don’t seem to notice them?

    Impossible love is the quintessential romantic love. Mystery and apparent impossibility, emotional hot and cold, closeness then distance, attention and distraction, are the key elements to drive a person crazy for you.

    There’s a crucial difference between happiness and satisfaction, most satisfied couples are rather unhappy, while couples who manage to be happy in spite of their frustration are generally more addicted to one another.

    Good guys/girls finish last is a total lie! being good, bad, safe or unsafe is a detail and often misinterpreted, the reason why bad guys are often liked is precisely because they shouldn’t be liked. But you can be a very good person and be liked because of a detail of forbidenness.

    According to Freud: ” Two currents whose union is necessary to ensure a completely normal attitude in love have, in the cases we are considering, failed to combine. These two may be distinguished as the affectionate and the sensual current.”
    Then he adds “The whole sphere of love in such people remains divided in the two directions personified in art as sacred and profane (or animal) love. Where they love they do not desire and where they desire they cannot love.”
    According to Freud, women are raised to associate sexuality with the area of forbidenness, and when finally sex is available in the domestic walls of a marriage, they don’t appreciate it as much as they expected to.

  2. The only way I could see it is that they had an instant attraction beforehand (in reference to the first episode). Lexy liked Sam but Sam was with Cat. I think Sam liked Lexy too but then she’s just in too much crap after learning Cat’s betrayal… I think the thing with Tess is that it had always been a one sided thing… which is quite unlucky for her because she deserves someone who loves her fully. But then again, that’s only a point of view. I don’t know how others see it.

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