thanks sally ride

When I was a little girl, I wanted to do three things: play in the NBA, be Carmen Sandiego, and be an astronaut. I knew even at the tender age of 8 that girls didn’t play in the NBA, and that my parents would probably frown on “globetrotting criminal” as a career choice, so I thought I would be an astronaut instead. I never thought it was too high of a dream, or something that girls didn’t do thanks to Sally Ride. As it turned out, I hate math, but I will be forever grateful for her contributions not only to science and space travel, but to gay and straight women everywhere.

Sometimes the word “hero” gets thrown around too easily, but she is one who truly deserves the title. Ride on, Dr. Ride.

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  1. RIP Dr. Ride, you will be missed. We were blessed to have you!

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