desperate polyglots

I will cop to working diligently at The Rosetta Stone so I don’t have to wait for translations of Tierra de Lobos. Good lesbian television is so hard to find. Welcome, by the way. This is the inaugural comic, so I hope you like it.

7 thoughts on “desperate polyglots

  1. This looks great! Looking forward to reading more

  2. I’m not good at reading comics but once I figured out how to read it, it was awesome! love you (I also wrote all this text in the name field by accident).

  3. Love it. It’s so sad but true, which is why I was in stitches. The things we do for quality stories. Can’t wait for more!

  4. Congratulations on the new comic! And yeah, it’s a sad state of affairs for us on tv right now. I don’t think there are any characters other than the”supportive lesbian friend” on anything currently airing.

  5. Whew. Where you lezbeen all our lives?! Great stuff keep’er coming. so to speak

  6. OMG! Are you spying on me! How did you know how I spent my days?!

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